MILO T20 Blast is a super fun, social, safe, cricket program for boys and girls aged 8-10.

The program is much shorter than traditional cricket, with a maximum of 90 minutes playing time. All the equipment is supplied and the games take place at the same venue each week, at a local cricket club or community centre.

Each child gets an equal turn at batting, bowling and fielding regardless of ability. They get the opportunity to play games of T20 cricket, whilst developing fundamental movement skills, social skills and team values.

The matches are played on a smaller field allowing parents to get close to all the action and with several games taking place on the same oval at the same time it creates an action packed fun atmosphere where every kid is involved.

Instead of sitting waiting to bat, the children take part in a Skills Zone, where games and activities help them develop vital cricket skills.

The program is professionally delivered and it’s aligned with the KFC T20 Big Bash League so there are opportunities to take part in at-match activities.

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For more information please contact Steve Dash on 0407 715703